Quick List of Foods for a Raclette Party

Nowadays, more and more people started to use raclette grills for family events and get together parties. There are a lot of advantages hosting a raclette party. Besides the great food that comes off the grill, parties turn out to be very interactive and fun for everybody. If you do know a couple of recipes for a raclette grill that can be very beneficial. But speaking from personal experience to make a good raclette dinner you will need to do grocery shopping. Keep it simple by getting basic ingredients.  Here is a quick list of foods for your raclette dinner.

1. Cheese. Read more about different cheeses for raclette parties in the article “10 Favorite types of cheese for a raclette party!”

2. Tomatoes. Chop or slice tomatoes before using on the grill.

3. Mushrooms. Slice mushrooms before serving.

4. Bell peppers. They are perfect to add color to any raclette grill creation.

5. Potatoes. Cook potatoes before serving.

6. Onions. Chop onions before serving.

7. Canned corn.

8. Ground beef. Brats.

9. Canned tuna or any canned fish.

10. Ham or Bacon. Slice before serving.

11. Bread. Best kind to use is French baguette or Italian bread.

12. Dips. Use them as a side to top off you raclette creation and to dip you potato and bread in. Read “The Best Sausce for Indoor Grilling”

These are the basic ingredients that everybody is familiar with and likes.

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1 Response to Quick List of Foods for a Raclette Party

  1. Oops you forgot sausages and buns too just in case some people are fond of those food.

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