What are the Top 5 Raclette Dinner Parties?

A Raclette Party is never ending fun. It saves you money, it brings people together and it is always a unique way of cooking for you, your friends and family. Here are 5 top raclette dinner parties.

1.    Family dinner parties. A Raclette dinner is the time where everybody comes together at the dinner table. There will be more interaction at the dining room table since everybody is involved in this fun way of creating a family meal time.

2.    Birthday raclette parties. It is a very unique party idea. It is a way to keep your guests entertained the whole night. Nobody gets bored because everybody is constantly creating their own yummy dish while chit-chatting.

3.      New Year raclette party. If  you are going out for New Year, you know that all restaurants are crazy busy, they are overbooked and overpriced. Having a Raclette party at home can be a good dinner alternative for you and your group of friends. Plus no worries about drinking and driving. It is so much more relaxing than going to a restaurant for New Year. By the way, the number one New Year’s Eve party in Europe is having a Raclette dinner party. It is the most common way of celebrating the New Year.

4.       Social gatherings. Food  is something that always brings people together. Want your friends to come but don’t know what to cook? Having your friends over for a raclette dinner is always a good idea. A Raclette dinner is the way to go. It is fun, easy and yummy and everybody will want to come over to join in. Hint: If you want to surprise your guests with a variety of foods, you can have a raclette grill in addition to all your yummy things you are offering.

5.       Romantic raclette dinner. If you want to make the evening special but you don’t have a lot of cooking experience, having a romantic raclette dinner is a wonderful idea. The only thing you have to worry about is to get a good bottle of wine and good cheese. A romantic raclette dinner takes place in the privacy of your home, in an intimate and personal setting.  Hint: For the best romantic raclette experience consider using a mini raclette for 4 (four) people.

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