6 Best Ingredients for a Raclette Grill

Ingredients that work the best for a raclette party.

Time for  raclette grilling! Don’t have a lot of experience throwing a raclette party for your friends or family? Not really sure what kind of ingredients work well together? We will tell you what ingredients to use and how to prepare them before serving.

You have to know that cooking on a raclette grill does not require a lot of skills. The most important part for a raclette party is to prepare the food that you have before you start grilling on the raclette machine.  The best and most common ingredients for this kind of event are cheeses, vegetables, fruits, meats, fish and potatoes. We will talk about them more in detail.

1. As you probably know the most important ingredient is the Cheese. You can read the article “10 Favorite types of cheese for a raclette party!”. For a raclette dinner plan on 7-8 oz of cheese per person.

2. Vegetables. Tender vegetables like zucchini or mushrooms can be raw when cooked on the raclette grill as long as they’re chopped into small pieces. For firmer vegetables, blanch them briefly, rinse them under cold water, chop and serve them.

3. Fruit. Cheese and fruit are a very classic and winning combination. Especially fruits that are slightly tart. Ideal fruits include apples, pears, plums, apricots, figs, mango and papaya.

4. Meat. For the best result you can marinate the meat before grilling. It will make the meat especially tender and it  will have more flavor. You can also serve precooked meat as well as finely cut meat so it will be cooked throughout in a short period of time.  Tip: if you are using a  hot stone (granite surface) the pieces of meat can be slightly thicker.  Typically for a raclette dinner people prefer white meat such as chicken or turkey.

5. Fish. Fish is ideal for a raclette dinner because it cooks very quickly. It is also better to use fattier types of fish such as salmon, catfish, mackerel or fillets with the skin on. Peeled or unpeeled shrimp are also delicious on the raclette grill.

6. Potatoes. Small new potatoes have to be boiled in their skin. It is very traditional to have potatoes for a raclette grilling. Plan on having about  half of a pound of potatoes per person.

Do not forget about side dishes. That could be a variety of fresh salads or different types of bread.

Sauces and dips are very essential for raclette grilling. You can either make your own sauce or buy different types of salad dressings. Tip: It is very easy to make dips. There are different dip mix packages from “Knor” you can get in any grocery store.

As you see, you can be very creative making a raclette dinner.

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Ingredients for a raclette grill, raclette party

Ingredients for a raclette grill

Ingredients for a raclette grill, raclette party

Ingredients for a raclette grill

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