How to make Salmon taste delicious with the Raclette Grill

Delicate Taste of  Salmon with Spinach on the Raclette Grill

If you have a Raclette Grill you probably know that the secret of grilling is simplicity. There are a lot of ways of putting ingredients together on the grill.  It is good to know different recipes and different ways of grilling.  With Raclette Grill you can enjoy the process of cooking and the company especially  when you can surprise your guests with a new idea. Smoked Salmon with Spinach is the perfect idea for sea food lovers.  For 4(four) people you will need 12 smoked salmon slices, 200 grams (=0.44 lb or 7.05 oz) of light cream cheese (spreadable), one tablespoon of dried dill, 30 fresh spinach leaves and loaves of baguette. In reality you will not need the exact measurements because everybody’s taste is different. This is just for you to have an idea.

Slice the bread to the size you want and place it on the grill to make it crispy and warm. You can also bake or heat the bread in the oven if you like. Whenever you are done with the bread put it in the bread basket and cover it. While the bread is in the oven or on the top level of the Raclette Grill, mix dried dill with cream cheese and place it into an individual raclette pan. On top of the cream cheese add the spinach and let it grill for a few minutes. After finishing grilling serve it on the toasted slice of baguette and top it off with a slice of smoked salmon. You can now enjoy this tasty delicacy.

Bon Appétit

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